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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i'm robert flores with update in south bend. we are tied. watch how notre dame tied it against pitt. theo riddick at the back of the end zone and they tie it and need a two-point conversion and golston with the conversion. we are tied in south bend. >> sean: magical season about to continue for notre dame. le'veon bellowers the boom and he gets five. goes out of bounds. they will wind the clock. forward progress had been stopped. alonzo whaley made the tackle. five-yard gain. under three minutes to go. michigan state leading by three after they held nebraska on fourth down and nine. >> chris: bo pelini takes a time-out.
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>> sean: 172 yards rushing now. i think bo pelini, you can read his lips, wasn't that out of bounds? you really can't allow a first down here, they will really be up against it. here is the latest bcs standings. they will change tomorrow night. alabama with a big matchup tonight at lsu. tigers have the longest home winning streak in the country, 22 in a row. k-state in action tonight on abc at 8:00 against oklahoma state. oklahoma state has won the last three in that rivalry. tomorrow night on espn and espnu the new bcs poll will be unveiled. who will rise and fall? tomorrow night at 8:30 eastern
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on espn and continues on espnu at 9:00. >> chris: i'm going to go with a little bit of upset pick. i think usc is going to get oregon tonight. i don't know why. >> sean: put a friendly wager on that if you want. >> chris: nothing friendly about that wager. >> sean: no, there is not. second and five. they added some time back onto the clock. shovel back to bell. first down! he stayed inbounds so as soon as they move the chains they will wind the clock again. >> chris: another great call for dan roushar, the defensive coordinator. really outstanding. just misdirection play and nebraska defense going one way and le'veon bell in the open field and smarts to get down inbounds. >> sean: 229 rushing yards for michigan state who was averaging
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only 131 per game and last in the big ten entering today. rush defense all about a problem for nebraska. they are 82nd in the country in rush defense. ninth in the big ten. bell up-ended by p.j. smith. time-out called by nebraska leaving the huskers with one with 2:21 left. tonight on abc's saturday into the football, national championship hopes on line in the big 12 for k-state. the wildcats host number 24 oklahoma state. 8:00 eastern time and 5:00 pacific. another series with a knack for having close games. >> chris: i just think kansas state with collin klein, everything going for them and number two and no longer flying under the radar. do you feel an upset there? >> sean: i do. >> chris: that is the one you
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feel the upset? i kind of feel it too. time of the year nobody is talking about whether lsu can knock off alabama down there. i'll go with that one too! i got to get one of them right! >> sean: bid on one, everyone says, that spielman said that. second and seven. bell. nebraska will use their last time-out, you would think. for the moment, they are not. they will after this play, almost certainly. rather than punt them down and try to stop them and make them punt deep in their own territory by going for it, they have made the field position really tough for yourself.
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if you get it back if you're nebraska because they will have no time-outs left and much of the field to cover but they only need a field goal to tie it but they need the ball back first. huge play. third and six. blitz. bell. trying to break tackles! powering but he didn't get there! now mark dantonio with a decision to make on fourth down and two. dameyune stafford got him down. looked like a no gain play but bell showed his power, made it close enough. what do you think mark dantonio would do here given his conservative nature? i imagine he would punt because if you go for it here and you get stopped, now it's only about 30 yards for nebraska to get a game tying field goal. >> chris: you have to punt the football. what is the best part of your team? your defense. let the defense win the game for you and taylor martinez has
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thrown three picks and one thing you don't want to do is give anything over the top and they are pretty well coached and pretty solid in the back end. >> sean: nebraska leading the legends division of the big ten, tied with one loss with michigan. michigan won today to go to 4-1. they won at nebraska without denard robinson who was injured with an arm injury and did not play. nebraska was in control of its own destiny but, obviously, if they lose today, that is no longer the case and it also keeps michigan state alive. they have the punt team out there. nebraska has to make sure it stays onside. low snap. it bounced back there. it goes into the end zone. it will come out to the 20. it's been a season of nail-biters. close wins and close losses.
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braxton miller hit devin smith at ohio state for 63 yards to put the buckeyes up in the third quarter. they held on. giving urban meyer the win. iowa, second overtime. the interception seals three-point iowa win here. then down the road the big house. givens with a field goal to give michigan a two-point win in that rivalry game. spartans bounce back to win the next week. they are 6-0 after the michigan game. mark dantonio has done a great job getting his team focused win or lose after that rivalry game. they need a field goal. they have a receiver wide open! enunwa! a big chunk on first down. 22 yards out to the 42! martinez is on target. he had thrown for only 95 yards for the game before this one. >> chris: i have no idea what darqueze dennard is doing.
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understand the situation in the ball. you cannot let a receiver run free down the field! >> sean: nebraska team that is used to working at a high tempo. martinez. bad decision. got nothing. the clock will run. he got banged down by max bullough. the clock will be under a minute before they snap it again without any time-outs left. >> chris: throw it away to stop the clock and try to make a play with his legs. got to make one with your brain. throw it away conditio. >> sean: martinez throws. a little bit high but seemed to be catchable and would have taken a great effort by the senior. here's maher who kicked a 54-yarder early at ucla. the longest for a nebraska kicker away from lincoln. >> chris: number 80, kenny bell
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is at the bottom of your screen and working one-on-one with a tough johnny adams. >> sean: he has one catch in the second half. five for the game. spartan defense backs up. martinez throws on the run. ball nowhere near a cornhusker. it comes down to this play. fourth and ten. if nebraska does not convert, it's ball game over. and lead gone in their division for the cornhuskers. they are 1 out of 2 on fourth down in this game. >> chris: here is where pat narduzzi last time pressured taylor martinez, forcing him to make a quick throw and see what they decide to do as michigan state will take a time-out. >> sean: first for the spartans and still have two. they hope they don't need them. >> chris: i think that is the play for pat narduzzi. still play safe and force your
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back end. they force taylor martinez to make a quick decision and to such good tacklers in the back end and force a hot throw and make the play and ball game. >> sean: pat narduzzi you hear his name as a head coaching candidate. why wouldn't he be? they have been terrific here on defense for several years. they are one defense stop away here from being bowl eligible for a school record sixth year in a row. been a disappointing season but max bullough said with the win last week they think will turn it. we went down to the wire with wisconsin and we did. will they win another? >> chris: drop eight in coverage. >> sean: there is a entering down. martinez has kyler reed inside the 30 and down inside the 20
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yard line! they are going to give him -- where are they going to mark it? looks like they will spot it at the 20. hicks ran it out. a flag down but it looked like gholston was offside for michigan state. if it stands it's 38 yards and at the very least they are in range for a game tying field goal. >> referee: offsides, defense. number 2. that penalty is declined. the play results first down. out of bounds at the start of the snap. >> chris: you see william golston jumped here. twice in third downs they dropped eight and twice in third downs when they dropped eight and i suggest maybe come with the pressure package which they have had success with. a tough call to make. >> sean: longest completion to kyler reed. short of the first down marker.
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they have to be alert to get up or run the field goal team on quickly. martinez throws short. last thing, obviously, that he wants to do is make another critical mistake in the red zone. he had a big interception that looked like they were about to score earlier in this half. earlier in this quarter. maher trying to stay warm with the temperature now in the mid-30s. >> chris: you see michigan state very very cautious. only bringing three and protecting that back line of the end zone. >> sean: time-out michigan state again on defense.
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it might come down to the foot of brett maher, the senior veteran kicker. he missed a chip from earlier a 30-yarder. wide right. his only attempt of this game. he's had kind of an up and down year. we mentioned he was the big ten kicker and placekicker last year. just 10 out of 18 this year in field goals. well within his range. we said it would be about 37 yards from here. i guess the question is how risky do you get trying to score a touchdown and win it in regulation or do you guard mostly for the field goal? >> chris: i play mostly for the field goal because of the three interceptions thrown but the other thing i do maher missed from the hash. i make sure i get that ball positioned in the middle of the field. or wherever he wants it. >> sean: generally they have a spot they feel most comfortable.
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here comes elsworth on the rush. nearly got to martinez. the pass incomplete. low. intended for kyler reed. elsworth a former walk-on really become a factor as a pass rusher and very quick off the line. >> chris: absolutely. could not get to him. good pressure. kyler reed had isaiah lewis beat inside but because the ball was thrown a little bit early, taylor martinez was off balance and one-hopped it in to kyler. >> sean: they have to be careful now. it needs to go out of bounds or needs to be a first down because it's no opportunity to spike it if you're tackled shy of the markers. you have to run the field goal team on. third and ten. maerts throwing the fade and it is incomplete. flag down on dennard! who had coverage on kenny bell!
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>> chris: first of all, it's the right call. you're taking your shot into the end zone. nothing in the middle of the field. >> sean: they are showing a replay on the screen. mark dantonio, you can read his lips. it's not pass interference, how can you call take? >> referee: pass interference number 31. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> chris: working one-on-one. oh, boy. i don't see an interference. i think that is outstanding coverage. he is looking and leaning. they are playing the football. both of them. very difficult call. game time situation. tough. >> sean: there have been some big calls in this game. 15 yards. first and goal. last time-out used by michigan state. they have used all three on defense here in the last minute of the game.
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nebraska folks weren't happy about that late hit out of bounds against daimion stafford. the michigan state possession down near the goal line. >> chris: everything is good right there. he is looking back for the ball and looking and leaning. to looks to me kenny bell has the arm hooked of dennard. dennard doesn't have his arm hooked. kenny bell is hooking his arm. >> sean: wow. >> chris: wow is right. >> sean: nine penalties against michigan fascinate for a hundred yards. both teams penalized nine times. maher getting loose but they hope they don't need him. first and goal but no time-outs. the ball is on the 5, chris. no way the running game is factor here. >> chris: you have to throw the ball into the end zone and fade
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again. you also have kyler reed in there working as a tight end. matchup with a safety or linebacker and lined up here as a tight end. might be the matchup you're looking for in this situation. >> sean: they come with a blitz. maer out of the back of the end zone, isaiah lewis had coverage. >> chris: they tried a double move on isaiah lewis. good discipline. keeping his eyes on the receiver and running with kyler reed the whole way. the matchup we thought they would go to and they went to it and well executed by isaiah s. s >> sean: will the spartans go for it? >> chris: you're playing man-to-man defense. a matchup i like here on this play. jamal turner in the slot. >> sean: no time-outs left for either team. second and goal.
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corner of the end zone. caught! touchdown! nebraska! jamal turner made the catch! >> chris: the matchup we liked. why? because he has all of the field to work with. taylor martinez is throwing to a spot. jamal turner focusing in and does a good job, the 1-2. absolutely, he got two or three of them down. >> sean: he had possession all the way through. first touchdown of the year for jamal turner. six seconds to go. it's been excruciating year for mark dantonio. this is the most excruciating. one play away, one fourth down stop away from victory.
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nebraska converted. and they got the controversial pass interference penalty and huskers are six seconds away from another come-from-behind win in double digits for the third time in big ten play this year. >> chris: here is why we circled it. man-to-man and all of this room to work with and working on mitchell white, one they like. mitchell white takes away the inside and jamal turner has all of that room to work with and taylor martinez a thing he has improved on is knocking to the open man and delivers a strike to turner who does a good job of securing the catch. >> sean: bo pelini made the decision to go for it on the previous possession fourth down and nine and didn't get it. they didn't get it. they go 80 yards in nine plays in 1:14 and they completed long
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fourth down pass to kyler reed. then the pass interference penalty that mark dantonio will never forget and put the ball at the 5. jamal turner, the catch, for the touchdown. the first touchdown of his nebraska career as a sophomore. you expect all kinds of laterals here. nick hill looking for help but going in the wrong direction. ball still alive. but not any longer. and nebraska retains control of its own defendant in the legends division of the big ten. the fans are booing the officials. another excruciating loss for dantonio and victory was in their grasp.
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here is quint kessenich with bo pelini. >> quint: coach, what happened in the last drive? what didn't happen in the last drive? a crazy game. proud of our kids. they fought hard. give a lot of credit to michigan state too. it was a heck of a football game. we made a lot of mistakes and somehow we outlasted and able to make a play there at the end to win it. >> quint: take me inside of your mind. on fourth down you don't get it and may not get the ball back. what was going on in your mind? >> well, you know, we were going to win the game, you know? and i thought it was the right thing to do to go for it and i figured we could stop them on defense and we had all of our time-outs so that changed my thinkinging a little bit. >> quint: how do you best characterize the play of taylor martinez? >> big-time player. you know? he played his butt off today. so did a lot of other guys. but 3 was big time today. >> quint: congratulations,
4:23 pm
coach. >> sean: he was enormous most of the game on the ground with two long touchdowns and hadn't done much passing prior to the last drive and had under a hundred yards throwing and he averages 223 a game but he had a couple of big completions on that game winning drive that will make the celebrating long into the night around lincoln, nebraska. 28-24 the final. be sure to tune in to abc tonight at 8:00 for more football. oklahoma state against kansas state ranked number two, tonight on abc. for chris speilman and quint kessenich and our abc crew, so long from sean mcdonough. now to the studios. >> thanks a lot. coming up prime time at 8:00 eastern time collin klein leads his team out to the field. he also leads all those who are in the running for the heisman trophy right now. kansas state the number two team
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in the nation. john saunders alongside jesse palmer. that is at 8:00 eastern time. it looked like perhaps kansas state might be solidifying their hold on that number two spot but the fighting irish of notre dame would not go easily against pitt. it looked for a while like they were done. pitt down 6-3 in the contest. ray graham who had a terrific day turns the corner here and goes outside. >> big runs in this game for ray graham. 55 yards, 48 yards. this one here showing you his speed and getting into the end zone. notre dame giving up explosive plays. i haven't seen that a lot this year. >> j.p.holtz. >> as in lou holtz perhaps? >> it looked like that way for pitt. first and goal. a wide receiver screen to t.j. jones. touchdown. >> set up by a controversial pass interference call on tight
4:25 pm
end tyler eifert. >> an interception by pitt so looks like they will ice the game. notre dame gets the ball back and golston finds riddick for the two-point conversion. golston takes it himself. >> he extends the play and making things happen with his legs. >> from 41 yards out, this is in the first overtime he knocks it through from 41 yards out. so pitt has scored first in overtime. they eke out a victory that is eked from the jaws of defeat. >> notre dame has been inefficient in this game. first time all year long the defense hasn't been there to save the game. inconsistent position from the
4:26 pm
quarterback position. golson taken out of the game and for tommy rees. the voters in the bcs poll want notre dame to be dominant week in and week out whether they are playing stanford or playing purdue or byu or today's pitt team at home. they haven't been that way and why they are number four in the human polls. >> this is not going to impress anyone so they need some help. from oklahoma state or some help from usc against oregon. oregon, marcus mayory owe take to thomas -- mariota to thompson for a touchdown. >> they march down the field and kick a field goal to answer. >> looked like they had a touchdown but it was called out of bounds. so they get a field goal. 7-3. coming up tonight lsu against alabama. third time the last year these two have met with about everything on the line. lsu, what dove to do to pull out
4:27 pm
an upset at home? >> i think the only chance to run the football efficiently. the start of the year the offensive line had injury issues up front and found the right combination a few weeks ago. last two games against south carolina and texas a&m. they have now run for 477 yards. they have to match alabama physicality at home. make life easy on zach mettenberger if they have any chance. >> when you talk about physicality people don't think kansas state but they should. >> they should on offense and defense. i think oklahoma state has a chance to win this game on the road. they have to do a great job running the football with joseph randle on offense and defensively have to stop collin klein and john hubert running the football. easier said than done. >> take one more peek. notre dame have added a field goal so it's now tied at 23-23 going into the second overtime. john hubert, 90 rushing yards per game. that's at 8:00 eastern time.
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we will see you then.
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>> not panic. i know there was anxiety about fuel. >> the storm has passed but the problems persist. new york's governor urges calm after panic at the pump. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. power is now coming back on but two slowly for many withoutlights or heat. a bigger problem is now a
4:31 pm
shortage of fuel and the mayor says it could take days to fully resolve. reporter: the flood has become a drought. millions in the northeast are desperately seeking gasoline. >> waited on two lines today, and for two hours, and each one said there was no gas. >> trying to get some gas in my car. i'm getting out of the city. the city don't love me. >> 2/3 of the gas stations in the new york metro area are out of fuel and more than half the stations in new jersey and long eye leaned are shut down. more gasoline is on the way. >> eight million gallons have been delivered. 28 million gallons will be delivered over the next two days. reporter: abc news went on an exclusive ride as the coast guard helped clean up a fuel spill. sandy ripped containers off their bases, sending thousands
4:32 pm
of gallons of fuel into the water. meanwhile, millions are still without electricity. president obama was briefed on recovery efforts at fema headquarters. >> this continues to be my number one priority. there's nothing more important than getting his right. >> central park is dressed up with no place to go. the marathon was cancelled for the first time in history in deference to victims. >> people who are flooded out. >> we spent thousands of dollars to bring our family here, pay for hotel rooms, airline tickets. >> temperatures are dropping, and a nor nor'easter with the potential for strong wind and rains could be the in forecast next week. >> ama: right now gas rationing is in place in both new york and new jersey. new york is restricting gas to 10 gallons per customer, and new jersey drivers can fill up every
4:33 pm
other day depressing on if theirs license plate nix even or odd. a plan to vice-president free fuel at mobile emergency stations have been suspended. east coast red cross blood donation centers are getting back up and running, other centers are welcoming donations to make up the need. here live with more. reporter: the bay area has sent money and dozens of volunteers to the east coast to help those victims of sandy, and bay area residents are literally giving of themselves in order to help those who are injured. the oakland red cross blood donation center is still busy almost a week after sandy devastated the east coast. people like karen of oakland are still motivated to donate after seeing the devastation of sandy. >> you can't be not motivated if you see anything on tv or see reports about what happened in new york, new jersey, all up and
4:34 pm
down the coast. reporter: steven bureaus decided while dough mating money helps the red crocks being a blood door nor is just at important. >> i have good blood, 0 negative blood so decided to donate. >> donations are 25% higher than they usually are this time of the year. sandy caused the closure of blood collection centers in the states due to power outages and flooding. they also need blood platelets. that what the bay area and national red cross sent the areas. >> they only have a shelf life of five days, so if you're not collecting platelets on the east coast for three or four or five days, they're inventory is going to run out. >> 82 bay area volunteers have been sent to help those affected by the storm. this red cross emergency vehicle is being shipped back east,
4:35 pm
these people are going to the hess coast and it will take them e them five dies and they're going to provide food, comfort, and clothes according to those who need it. >> we look for people who need our help, red cross help, and we go to find others so we make sure they get the help as well as we can provide a hot meal, stuff like that. reporter: now, as far as blood donations, the red cross says there's been such a surge of dough -- donors, the red cross is asking for people to make appointments. >> ama: disney and abc are making monday a day of giving to victims of the storm. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross, and you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief
4:36 pm
effort. you can also donate to red kraus by calling 1-800 help now or going online. >> a crew on a barge chipped in to help put out a deck fire at an apartment building off san rafael bay. it happened this morning on canal street. you can see the barge lifting up to try to put water on the fire but the bathroom wasn't close -- but the barge wasn't close enough but not a problem. you can see the dredge digging into the harbor, which drags the barge closer to the building. no one was hurt in the incident. fire officials say the fire most likely began from barbecue materials left out overnight. >> police are investigating the 40th homicide of the year in san jose. the mercury news reports that san jose's homicide rate i news at a 16-year high. police received calls that a student victim was taken to good sam marry -- samaritan hospital
4:37 pm
where he was pronounced dead. >> four people are expected to survive after being shot in menlo park. they were standing outside when another group came and opened fire. there were 30 or 40 shots fired. one victim's mother says her son was hit four times but should recover. police are looking for a black honda and blacking a cure conclude blacking a cure are. >> it's nonstop for president obama and mitt romney. they're making multiple stops in multiple states. here's a report from washington. reporter: the final sprint to election day for mitt romney and president obama. the president started the day with a brief pause in politics, visiting fema headquarters for an update on super storm sandy recovery efforts. from there a trip to four states. his first stop, ohio-his message why hi deserves four more years.
4:38 pm
>> we know our ideas. we know they work. we also know that the idea of the other guys, they don't work. reporter: challenger mitt romney worked a pack schedule which i stops in three swing states. his message, why the president only deserves three more days. >> paul ryan and i want to make sure this country gets back on the right track. >> in an a lex many -- election that many say is too close to call, other candidates are out in force. biden turned daylight saving time into a message how romney will set the clock back. >> romney wants to turn the clock back. >> paul ryan visited pennsylvania, traditionally blue state, but the romney campaign says it's in play this year. >> every generation of americans has always solved its problem so the next generation is better off, and in three day wes have an opportunity to make good on that american legacy. >> with early voting in 34
4:39 pm
states and the district of columbia, 27 million people hard already made their decision. abc news, washington. >> ama: stay with abc-7 news for complete erection results on tuesday. get -- we'll have live updates all night long on facebook and on twitter. get ready for even warmer weather. leigh has the latest. >> leigh: you're exactly right. temperatures warm today, but get ready fors and tuesday. so
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>> ama: the national academy of television arts and science honored a member of the abc-7 family today. 30 years in bay area television. kathy has covered every major news event, and has traveled overseas on assignment and shot many reports. congratulations to kathy. many of our staffers were there
4:42 pm
to support kathy. we hope she will be here to bring us many more years of a wonderful video. let's get to leigh glaser, who is checking on the forecast. leg league a terrific day today. you may have noticed a few high clouds overhead. our high definition mt. tam camera showing you clear sky. live doppler 7hd showing you mainly clear conditions, although a few high clouds right here starting to venture in near the bay area. may see a little light fog develop there overnight tonight. otherwise, get ready for a clear night. it's going to be a little bit on the chilly side. temperatures right now, it's still in the 70s for the first of november. we have 70 in antioch. 72 in livermore. napa, 72. 69 degrees in downtown san francisco. 69 in mountain view. 70 right now in san jose. folks, here's a look at the forecast. we'll go with a mixture of high clouds and some patchy fog
4:43 pm
overnight tonight. mainly in the north bay and near the coast. and don't forget tonight before you go to bed to set your clock back one hour. we return to pacific standard time 2:00 a.m. sunday morning, and then temperatures will warm up sunday, monday, and tuesday. low is tonight, upper 40s to near 50 degrees in the north bay. we'll go with 53, mainly clear sky for 'san francisco. 49, san jose. all righty, gang. high pressure starting to build in. this little weak weather system to the north and east of us brought us the high clouds. this high is going to start to build in and this is going to be our weathermaker for the next two or three daysle the warm offshore winds will redevelop and the warming will begin tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s. even some mid-60s at our beaches. climbing to close to 80 degrees inland, and then as we get into monday and tuesday, election day on tuesday, we're talking temperatures near our coast near
4:44 pm
70 degrees. so, a mild stretch over the next couple of days. here's a look at the highs for sunday. 79, ability county, livermore, plenty of sunshine. 80 degrees north bay. napa, 9. 80 expected for santa rosa, san francisco, a little high cloudiness tomorrow morning, patchy fog near the coast. 74. 66 half moon bay. 76 palo alto, san jose, 78. 82, gilroy. 78, watsonville, and santa cruz tomorrow, sitting at a very nice 80 degrees. take a look ahead. the forecast. on monday temperatures come up. we'll be flirting with the possibility of record highs monday and election day on tuesday, with 80s inland. 80s around the bay, and the 70s at the coast. then we'll bring in the clouds on wednesday, and there is a chance of showers thursday, a better chance of us seeing some rain on friday, and then we'll start to dry things back up on
4:45 pm
saturday. >> ama: thank you so much, leigh. if you have the abc-7 news alarm clock app you don't have to worry about the time change. it will update automatically. so download the free alarm clock on the app store. >> mike shumann is off tonight so we have larry beil filling in. >> a lot of college football talk. and the
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4:47 pm
>> it looked bad and its bad. brandon rush, done for the season, gone after only two games. rush for the acl in his left
4:48 pm
knee. going up for a dunk and got hit by zack randolph. this was not a dirty play. there was no intent to injury, but rush landed awkwardly on his left knee. he needs surgery. done for the season. rush averaged 10 points per gam last season, valuable over the bench, terrific on defense. the warriors are in l.a. to play the clippers tonight. >> college football. a huge win for stanford in colorado, no surprise there. but the headline is a new quarterback for the cardinal. kevin hogan replacing josh nunes. this is from the hat of one of the handlers. watch out for ralphy. ed reynolds had a pick six last week. another one this week. webb, intercepted. 48 yards on the rush for reynolds, 7-0 stanford. josh nunes in effective. air mails the throw. almost picked off.
4:49 pm
nunes, 3-5, 23 yards. goes to the bench. kevin hogan, second quarter, to taylor, wide open spaces. 26 yards. 14-0 stanford. hogan was 11-15 for 111 yards in the first half. third down, lobbing it up for his huge tight end toilolo. it helps to be 6'8". later, hogan bootlegs. this is what he gives you, more mow million. 35-0 stanford at the half. hogan also rain for -- ran for 48 yards. stanford crush colorado 48-0. look for hogan to tsa nebraska week. >> it's depressing for cal fans, the lost last night, 21-3 to washington thimplet second straight losing season, raising a lot of doubts before the future of coach jeff tedford. a sloppy game last night.
4:50 pm
cal turned the ball over four times. cal will miss out on a bowl game again and the status of tedford's future a hot topic in berkeley. >> the bowl game situation is obviously disappointing. it's not something that we're used to. you work very hard in this. the players invest a lot of time and energy, and the staff does, so it's -- that's always disappointing. >> we've have a lot more on tedford and his future with cal. and notre dame with national title hopes. thepit pitt panthers always play the irish tough, and this is a
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
>> oh, the leprechaun is smiling, brian kelly and the fighting irish at home against their rivals the pitt panthers who came in at 4-4, looking for
4:53 pm
the upset in south bend, the irish 8-0, trying to stay on track for a bcs championship. second quarter, tied at third. first and goal. no. no again. third down, the panthers, riddick is swarmed for the loss. get the field goal. 6-3 notre dame. pitt offense struggled but good things happen when you give the ball to graham. 10-6 panthers. notre dame tied it up at the end of regulation, looking for somebody to throw to and fires a strike to riddick, and then scored on a two-point play. they go to triple overtime and it's a quarterback sneak where golston is able to punch it in, this after pitt had blown a field goal that would have won it. instead irish undefeated, 29-6. >> a baseball note. the a's are bringing back bartolo colon, the pitcher who was suspended for using a banned
4:54 pm
substance. the signed a one-year contract worth $3 million plus incentives. he had a 10-9 record but in august he was suspended for 50 games after testing positive for excessive amounts of testosterone. he still has five games left on the suspension and that will be served at the start of next season. so a little surprise they're bringing him back but he was solid while he was able to play. >> ama: a man who was taking video of a train for his son got an eyeful. >> it was like a scene out of a movie. >> if you believe that's shocking, wait until ♪
4:55 pm
[ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america.
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that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. >> man take video of a train in utah never expected to capture this. a utility truck right there crossed the train's path. the man who shot the video ran to the semi, expecting the worst and was shocked by what he
4:57 pm
found. >> he got out of the truck. i said, are you all right? he said, i'm fine. dude. the luckiest man alive right now. >> ama: the crossing lights were flashing and the train horne was blaring the driver of the truck told police he didn't see the train. many americans don't like to do math and new research may suggest why. scientist found when some people do math they feel the same anxiety associated with pain. scientists hooked up 28 people to brain scanners and had them do math problems. some had no anxiety. others shown the same anxiety linked to pain. it didn't matter if the math problems were complex or simple addition. that does it for this edition of abc-7 news. thank you for joining us, college football is next, oklahoma state and kansas state. we'll see you back here at
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